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Ozone therapy in Tallinn

Ozone IV infusions allow to strengthen immunity and restore one’s energy after a disease. A course of ozone therapy helps to restore health, improve general condition and immune defenses.

Order Ozone drip if you

Are recovering from COVID-19 or another viral infection
Are treated from chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases
Experience signs of chronic fatigue
Want to improve your heart, brain and memory
Want to rejuvenate of your body

Ozonated saline solution

How does the Ozone drip work?

Ozone drip will protect you from a wide range of diseases and strengthen your immune response. Ozone-enriched drips are recommended against chronic fatigue, general weakness, bronchitis and pneumonia, especially when they have a long, lingering course. According to recent studies, ozone drips have been shown to promote a speedy recovery and rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Medical ozone has a range of positive properties

Bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal action

Medical ozone has a range of positive properties such as bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal action. It is therefore widely used in the treatment of infected wounds.

Activates the cell’s own defense

Ozone applied systemically in small quantities (intravenous infusions of ozonated physiological solution with ozone) activates the cell’s own defense of antioxidants-purifiers against radicals, intensifies processes of energy generation in the cell.

Increase the availability of oxygen in the body

The ability of ozone to increase the availability of oxygen in the body (through activation of red blood cells), to restore the disturbed state of the microcirculatory bloodstream, which is used in the treatment of circulatory disorders and accompanied by tissue revascularisation, is very important.

Ozone activates the immune system

At low concentrations, ozone activates the immune system, thereby helping to mobilise the resistivity of the organism to various diseases. As a response to ozone exposure, immune cells release specific mediating substances, such as cytokines, interleukins, interferon, which transmit information to other cells in the immune system, triggering a cascade of immune activity. This means that medical ozone can always be applied in cases of immune deficiency.

Indications/Therapeutic effects

Health packages



Ozone therapy activates the immune system and saturates blood with oxygen.
Includes a conversation with a specialist in ozone therapy and taking an anamnesis with a family doctor
Package 1
35€ for pensioners
Ozone therapy activates the immune system and saturates blood with oxygen. You will feel cheerful, fit for work, and strong anew.
Free consultation
1 IV infusion
Package 5
A course of ozone IV infusions is a preventive treatment sustaining your health at a good level, as well as allowing to restore the strengths after a disease.
Free consultation
5 IV infusions



Removal of a hangover syndrome

Duration: 40 min
Peale pikemaajalist alkoholi tarvitamist mürgiste ainete hulk, mis on ladestunud organismi ületab mitmeid kordi maksa ja neerude võimed need organismist eemaldada.

Vitamin C+B6 (+magnesium optional)

Duration: 40 min
C-vitamiin (askorbiinhape) on vesilahustuv vitamiin. C-vitamiin on vajalik kudede, sh igemete, veresoonte, luude ja hammaste, taastumiseks ja kasvamiseks. C-vitamiin soodustab raua omastamist ja kiirendab haigustest tervenemist.


Duration: 40 min
Glutatioon on üks võimsamaid teadaolevaid antioksüdante, mis vastutab meie nooruse, ilu, aktiivsuse ja hea enesetunde eest. Glutatioon võitleb kehas aktiivselt vabade radikaalidega, aidates ennetada mitmete haiguste, sh halvaloomuliste kasvajate teket.

Iron Infusion

Duration: 40 min
Iron infusions are prescribed to patients diagnosed with anemia, which manifests as chronic fatigue syndrome, increased fatigue, apathy, anxiety, frequent dizziness, and ringing in the ears.


Treatment of trophic ulcers

1 procedure – 70€
5 procedures –  250€
10 procedures – 400€

Big autohemotherapy

1 procedure – 150€
5 procedures – 600€
10 procedures – 1000€

Wikiwand Minor autohemotherapy

1 procedure – 120€
Two procedures in total.

Minor autohemotherapy

1 procedure – 80€
5 procedures –  350€
10 procedures – 600€

Injection therapy

1 procedure – 80€
5 procedures –  350€
10 procedures – 600€

Cellulite, biorevitalization, trigger points, etc

Intradermal injections

1 procedure – 110€
Two procedures in total.

Carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve syndrome, epicondylitis, nerve decompression, plantar fasciitis (so-called cock’s foot), etc.